Saturday, 6 February 2016

Marc Stevens – Suburban Spies

Today I’d like to welcome a fictional character to my blog. Marc Stevens is an author in a story who’s fictional world often interacts with our real world. Most recently Marc had a novella published by (real world publisher) Soul Mate publishing. His story, Suburban Spies is part of the new anthology, Cherished Secrets.

Jennifer and Slade come from two different worlds. Slade’s a CIA agent. Jennifer is an ex-KGB super spy. Their lives revolve around espionage, subterfuge, and deception. When Slade catches Jennifer breaking into his suburban home, the gloves come off . . . and everything else as well. He knows what she’s looking for, and is hell-bent on keeping it from her. But mixing spies, lies, and bedroom eyes can lead to disaster, especially when the games they play don’t have any rules.

She slunk toward him, all sensuality and sin. “You will tell me where they are before this night is through.”
She was probably right, but maybe . . . if he played his cards right . . .
Lilac and honey filled his senses. The fragrance was all Jennifer, and incredibly sexy. He ignored the allure. Raising an eyebrow, he hardened his resolve. “That depends on how persuasive you can be.”
He’d endured water-boarding, bamboo under his fingernails, and the lash of a whip without cracking. But this?
This would be torture.

Author Bio:
Marc was born in the mind of a published author. A bastard child, cut off without his father’s name or support. He’s is also a fictional character living in his own story. A pen name if you will, but also something more than that. His fictional world often intersects our real one.
Born fully adult on January 12, 2013 with the start of his blog, he’s been killed off twice, then resurrected because he just refused to die.
He writes sexy, erotic, romantic tales, sometimes humorous, sometimes darker.
Marc Stevens is a man in the shadows.


Thank you Marc for dropping by today. I really enjoyed the excerpt and I must say, your book sounds very intriguing, much like yourself! 

Marc also has a sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day treat. The book is free at Amazon and is available till Wednesday :

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