Thursday, 17 December 2015

Anneka Ever - Hearts Race - Burns Class of Love. Book 2

Today I would like to welcome Anneka Ever introducing her new book Hearts Race. 

When it comes to adventure, she’s stop and he’s go. When it comes to romance, he’s yes and she’s no.
Can billionaire Dylan Delaney overcome his adrenaline addiction with life coach Greta Larsen’s help before he loses his technology empire? Can she move past the death of her husband to find love again?
When Greta finds herself attracted to her very rich, very handsome new client, she sees it as a betrayal of her late husband. Despite her feelings of guilt, she can’t walk away from Dylan, especially when she learns he harbors his own grief.
His secret sorrow is the key to Dylan’s love of danger. Greta is determined to unlock his mysterious past so he’ll stop courting death. What she doesn’t count on is the passion she frees.
Dylan’s never met a woman who could slow him down. Until now. Greta teaches him to be mindful of the moment, but soon his every moment is filled with thoughts of her. Has he replaced one addiction with another?

Hearts Race is the follow-up story to Riverswept and the second book in the Burns Class of Love series. The story returns readers to the small town of Burns, Virginia and also introduces them to the Blue Ridge Mountains around Charlottesville, Virginia.


She returned to the porch and slammed the lid shut. When she did, a possum scurried from behind the box and ran across the floor. Caught off guard, she stepped backward and fell off the porch. She hit the muddy ground with an “Umph!” and a splash. She had landed in a puddle.
Cold raindrops stung her face before she had enough sense to duck her head. Groaning, she climbed to her feet and walked around the porch to the front steps. She trudged up them, stepped inside, and shut the door. She peered up the stairs, waiting for Dylan to make an appearance. No sign of him. Good.
Icy water ran down her back and legs. Her teeth chattered. She stumbled to the fireplace and shivered in front of it. No good. Greta peeled off all of her clothes and let them fall to the floor. Goosebumps crawled up and down her skin. She turned her backside to the fire to warm her bottom. When she stopped trembling, she turned to face the fire, holding her palms out to envelop the heat.
She heard a wooden creak. She looked back over her shoulder and found Dylan standing on the bottom step, his hand resting on the balustrade.
She froze.
His hand dropped to his side. His eyes darkened. His lips parted. She saw his chest rise as he drew in his breath.
She felt as if they had both fallen under an enchantment.
A burning log snapped, breaking the spell. She snatched an afghan from a nearby chair and wrapped herself in it. “I thought you were asleep,” she hissed.
“I came down for my phone. I just realized the battery is probably dead.” He held up the cord of a phone charger. “Why are you wet?”
“I fell off the porch getting firewood.”
“Are you all right?”
“I’m fine.” She backed up to the fire without taking her eyes off him.
“Watch your tassels,” he warned.
“Never mind my tassels!”
He laughed and pointed. Looking back, she realized the fringe on the afghan was too close to the fireplace. She felt herself blush.

Author Bio:

Anneka Ever is a romance author. Her contemporary love stories are set in the mountains and small towns of Virginia. Her strong heroes and independent heroines explore their passion against the beautiful backdrop of rivers, meadows, and forests. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Anneka lives in Virginia with her husband and three dogs.

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