Desire Unleashed

Desire Unleashed

by Layne Macadam

Published 23rd March 2013 

When schoolteacher Kathy Bellamy moved from Louisiana to Coronado, she didn’t expect her secret dream or her worst nightmare to become a reality.

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I am extremely excited about the release of my first book in this series.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the book which is available from links on my website. I will be happy to post your review of the book and will be discussing characters, themes and locations from Desire Unleashed in coming posts.

Reviews for Desire Unleased

"Quick Review:
This is my first Layne Macadam book and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The book was sexy, intriguing, and sweet and contained a story that kept my attention from beginning to end. I love the stories about bada$$ military men finding love. As this is the beginning of the series, I will definitely keep them on my radar because I want to know what happens next for the main characters friends and fellow SEALs -- Wolf, Havoc, and Hawk. And Ice's best friend's nickname was Frosty. you not just love those names?!?!? *LOL*"            

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 Book Reviewed by CozyReader (reviewer)
[ Review Posted: Jul 11, 2013 ]
A desire so profound that it can't be denied any longer, a passion that consumes both characters to the brink of explosion.

This is my first read of Layne Macadam and I have to say that I love her writing style. The story is vividly written and I got so drawn in that I lost track of time. DESIRE UNLEASHED is a story about finding out that love comes unexpectedly. Shane needs to understand that not everyone will walk out on him, that some people will stay at his side, no matter what.

Kathy Bellamy has just lost her mother to cancer and needs to get away from her home town, in Louisiana. She decides to move to Colorado and gets hired as a first grade teacher. She really doesn't have very many friends, but sometimes, she and two co-workers would go to the movies and have coffee. Oh, and that one date with Navy Seal Shane Jackson.

However, her thoughts were soon occupied with the breather calls she's been receiving, and her life devolved into a nightmare. In time, things escalate to an attempted kidnapping, and Shane knows he needs to get the team together because in a few days he has to leave on assignment. The guys of course were there to help, but the villain is always one step ahead of them. He meant to get Kathy and make her pay for fooling around with someone else. She would pay deeply.

DESIRE UNLEASHED is a thrilling, suspenseful read with twists and turns that were unexpected. The characters in this book are intriguing, especially Zach "Wolf", and the flow of the story is perfect. It has enough detail to make it seem that you could actually be in the book. Michael "Hawk", Lucas "Havoc", Wolf and Patrick "Frosty" are entertaining characters that will have you laughing out loud. I will definitely store this book in my library to pull it again to read in the future.

Kathy is a very strong willed woman that has a big heart, kind and sweet. Shane is an alpha male, a very protective, passionate alpha male but also a pig-headed, stubborn man. The love scenes in this story are extremely hot, and the details of the passion between Shane and Kathy are juicy and explicit. All I can say is that Shane is a man with amazing talents but the sweetest part was when his jealousy flared. I loved how he wanted to beat the crap out of the guys for either taking a glance at Kathy or making a wrong remark. This couple could easily burn the sheets.

If you are looking for a story filled with suspense, twist and turns, but also with lots of erotic passion, DESIRE UNLEASHED is for you. 

's review From Goodreads
Sep 30, 13
4  of 5 stars

Desire Unleashed is the first - of a series I hope - novel by Layne Macadam. This book was very well written considering it was the first book by Ms. Macadam for Liquid Silver Publishing. An excellent 4**** read!

This novel is set in Coronado and our hero - Shane "Ice" Jackson - is the leader of a SEAL team and currently involved in training at the local naval base. His team is also working at the base and we get to meet ALL the sexy sailors. As I said, I hope this is the first in a series and that each of these sexy and intriguing sailors gets their own book (with their very own HEA). Our heroine is Kathy Bellamy, a school teacher who recently moved to Coronado. 

I enjoyed this book. You expect Kathy to be somewhat shy, possibly timid - the stereotypical young 20s virgin waiting for her prince to come along and sweep her off her feet to live their "happily ever after". While she does project this image - which is all the stalker sees - as you get to know her you realize she is also loyal, honest, funny and fiercely protective of the ones she loves. She also has a wicked sense of humor!

Shane is exactly what you expect him to be. A fun-loving, good timing, sexy as hell with a body formed to perfection for protecting others. He is also loyal, values honesty and is fiercely protective of those he loves and considers family. He also is extremely confused by and about Kathy - from the moment their eyes meet he is lost. 

This book was all about opportunity. For Kathy it is the opportunity to live a life of her own making, on her own terms. She was in desperate need of a lifestyle change and jumped at the chance. For Shane it was the opportunity to have a relationship with a woman that went beyond the bedroom door. And for the stalker, it was the opportunity to begin a new "relationship", to finally find that perfect, pure woman meant only for him. 

The biggest and best opportunity is for what Kathy and Shane might be able to make and be together - for each other - if they can simply let go and trust themselves and each other on the journey Ms. Macadam sends them on. Enjoy!

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