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Diane Saxon

So happy to have Diane Saxon here today. Congratulations on nearing the end of your blog hop Diane and good luck with your romantic comedy Flight of Her Life!

It’s really great to be here today at the end of my blog hop visits to my favorite authors, Thank you for hosting me, Layne.
I’ve done a consecutive Excerpt of Flight of Her Life, my new Romantic Comedy especially for Christmas, so if you missed the other installments you can go back and start at the beginning. By the end, you will have read my first two chapters.
I love life and I laugh a lot. I think that’s why funny things seem to happen to me, so I thought I would do a little competition during the hop, the answers were a pure guess, and I am giving away a copy of Flight of Her Life to the two top scoring visitors.
Here are the answers:
1.    a. I leapt into the sea from the top of the ship – I was invited to by the Captain.
2.    c. Target practice, I’m afraid. But rumor had it I swung from the chandeliers and most people were very impressed.
3.    a. I stepped in cow muck, well I ran full pelt into cow muck, my dog escaped covered in poo and I had to get hauled out with a rope. I ruined my very expensive walking boots and never trekked that way again.
4.    b. I got stuck in a lift and everyone was out at the beach so no-one heard me calling. They had disabled the outside alarm because it was disturbing the reception desk. There was a little dead mouse and I wondered how long he had been there before I discovered him.
5.    c. Oh, my goodness. The poor, poor man. He was such a mess by the time he disembarked. It’s not like she was a little girl, nope, she was 19.
6.    c. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Scary stuck in steaming hot temperatures, our girls were only 4 and 8, no shade, no shelter, no water. Just sun cream and a metal boat, surrounded by alligators.

So, if you’ve commented I will have chosen by now the person with the most correct answers and I will let you know shortly who will win a copy of my new release, Flight of Her Life.

Traveling from New York City to Houston to meet her future in-laws and announce her engagement, accident prone Bailey finds herself in a situation beyond her control. All flights are cancelled the night before Christmas Eve, leaving Bailey stranded at the airport with a cowboy from her past.
Against all odds, Sebastian manages to rescue Bailey from one disaster after another, but is it too late to rescue her from her future? Faced with a heartrending dilemma, does Bailey turn her back on the man who offers her a life of security, or does she run off to Maui with a cowboy?

She drew in a breath and closed her eyes briefly, while she tried to ignore the pulsing warmth spreading through her stomach.
“Right, let’s go.” She turned to march away and was brought up short as he restrained her with the grasp of his strong hand on her elbow.
“It’s this way; you never could find your way anywhere worth a damn.” He turned her in the opposite direction, tucked her arm into his elbow. “And you should hold on to me so you don’t slip on your naked little tush. You don’t want everyone getting an eyeful, do you?”
She cast him an irritated sideways glance, but he was intent on moving through the crowds, toward the exit.
“I’ve booked a hotel. There’s a shuttle bus about to leave in five minutes. It’ll be the last one of the day. They can barely get through the roads now, so get a trot on.”
“I hope you’ve booked separate rooms.” She made her voice as waspish as she could, but he ignored her completely.
They stepped out into the minus fifteen blizzard. She sucked in a shocked breath and felt it turn to icicles in her lungs, making her want to cough it back out again.
She ducked her head just as he wrapped his thick, sheepskin coat around her shoulders, engulfing her in his warmth, and she automatically slipped her arms into the sleeves, which dangled almost to her knees.
“Thank you.” Not in the least inclined to refuse his offer, she pulled the coat snug around her and tucked her nose inside the collar to absorb the warm, spicy scent of him. It smelled of horses, and leather, and man. So different from the cool, aloof lemon and washing powder aroma Phillip emanated.
She whipped her nose back out of Sebastian’s coat and snapped an accusing glare over her shoulder at him as his hands firmly gripped her backside and pushed her up the two steps into the shuttle bus.
He held his hands up and gave her an innocent look.
“Just giving a helping hand.”
“Well, don’t. I can manage fine without…” Her heel slipped in the wet and as her legs shot from underneath her, Sebastian neatly snaked his arm around her waist and let her back hit his chest.
“Ooommmff.” He steadied her. “You’re not as light as you used to be.” His cool lips touched her burning ear and his breath puffed gently across her cheek, sending delicious goose bumps chasing themselves down her spine. “Must be the boobs you’ve developed since I last had my hands on you when you were sixteen.”
That same fickle spine jerked to attention. She pushed away from him and lifted her chin while she stepped cautiously along the aisle.
The bus was full, except for one seat which she sat in, making sure his coat was securely wrapped around her and tucked under her knees, so she didn’t expose herself to any of the other passengers. She understood why crossing your legs at this stage could be considered vulgar.
“You have to find a seat, son, or you’re walking. No standing when we have to travel the interstate.” The bus driver turned his head and pinned her with a look over the top of his glasses. “You could ask your girl to sit on your knee, but I can’t allow you to stand.”
She didn’t even have time to shake her head in denial before Sebastian leaned down, scooped her up and plunked her on his lap. Her legs dangled between his wide spread ones, and his arms wrapped snugly around her waist. He burrowed his icy nose into the collar of his coat and buried it in her neck as she snaked her freezing legs against his warmer ones. She knew she should tell him not to get so close, she shouldn’t allow him to snuggle in, but she felt the shudder run through him and figured it wouldn’t harm under the circumstances if she relaxed against him and they shared their warmth. She was sure Phillip would understand.

Where to Buy Flight of Her Life

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Sofia Grey

 I would like to welcome Liquid Silver Author Sofia Grey today. 
She is talking about her new book  A Handful of Wolf. 
Good luck Sofia!

A Welsh Wolf in Wellington blog tour

Mighty Mike’s

Since most of Sasha’s story takes place in Wellington, the compact and thriving capital city of New Zealand. I though it would be fun to feature a different part of the city – especially those mentioned in the book – on each tour ‘stop’. Come and join me on a truly unique virtual tour of Wellington J

Mighty Mike’s does exist, but the real name is Mighty Mighty. I took the liberty of  changing the name to protect the innocent… you know what I mean.

On the night I went, there was a very alternative music act performing. One guy in a wolf-head helmet, armed with one guitar and amp, and a sound that would rival a four-piece rock band - complete with wolf howls. He must have been a shifter. The howls sent shivers down my spine.

We’d started at a charity gig on the Waterfront, myself and two girlfriends, and when that finished earlier than we expected, we decided to head into town in search of more live music. It was a Saturday night at the start of autumn, warm and dry, and perfect for exploring the nightlife. The first place we tried only had half an hour left of live music, and so we headed even further into town, ending up at Mighty Mighty.

It was breathtaking, eardrum-shattering, and so full-on that we were buzzing for hours afterwards – the best kind of club. I’d just started work on Sasha’s story and I knew I had to incorporate the nightclub. After all, if shifters were going to hang out anywhere, an alternative rock club is the ideal place :-)


In this extract, Megan and her friends take Sasha to Mighty Mike’s:

They climbed up the narrow staircase to the entrance and the waiting doorman and Megan felt a familiar shiver ripple down her spine. Sasha paused and looked at her, a question in his eyes. “There’s something odd about this place,” she tried to explain. “I love coming here, but it has the weirdest vibe. You’ll see.”

Sasha saw all right. And smelled it. Wolves. Mighty Mike’s was a shifter club with a monster of a wolf on the door. Even he felt slightly intimidated. The doorman inhaled deeply when Sasha handed over his ten dollar entrance fee, then pinned him with a curious gaze. “Not from round here, eh?”

“New in town.”

“Enjoy your visit.” The doorman slipped something into the palm of his hand before stamping the back with a blurry image of a howling wolf, and then Sasha followed the girls.

Once inside the thick door, the wall of music hit him first, assaulting his sensitive eardrums. His wolf growled. Remembering the doorman, he opened his palm to see two tiny foam earplugs. With a grin, he fitted them and instantly, the harsh bass notes softened to an acceptable level. Megan tugged at his hand and pulled him toward the bar. “Shots first. It’s our tradition.”

He nodded and let his gaze drift around the room, absorbing the frankly strange people in various states of inebriation. Weird, how Megan had felt the shifter vibe. The atmosphere oozed shifter pheromones, so thick they were practically visible. Aside from his Pack, he’d never seen so many shifters in one place at the same time. But then, he’d never lived in a city before.

A Handful Of Wolf  is available 25 November 2013, from Liquid Silver Books.

Sasha's not a looking-to-the-future kind of guy, but he's made an exception with his plans to travel and meet lots of pretty girls. Too bad his Pack Alpha, fate, and reality have other ideas about his trip abroad. He's pretty sure he didn't sign on to be a diplomat for the Snowdonia Wolf Pack. Or to find a Mate. Especially not a human Mate.

Megan knows better than to let a sweet-talking charmer get under her skin, but Sasha's sexy playfulness is making her forget all her rules. Except one: she's not willing to risk her heart by falling in love. The gorgeous boy from Wales can only be a fling, especially since her over-protective brothers hate him on sight. 

In the midst of a wolf uprising, a hesitant Mate, and Megan’s complicated family ties, Sasha learns that sometimes impulsiveness is dangerous and even lethal. Can he show Megan why they belong together before it all comes crashing down around him and he loses his Mate forever?

Video trailer


I’m giving away 3 copies of A Handful of Wolf, to 3 lucky commenters across the tour. Just leave a comment at whichever site you visit, and you’ll go into the draw. The more comments you leave, the more chances you get to win J


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About Author
Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Monday, 22 July 2013

I am happy to welcome Rosanna Leo today who has come to tell us about her new book in the Orkney Selkies series.

I’d like to once again thank Layne for allowing me to visit. It’s always a pleasure to be here.
I’m here as part of my current blog tour to promote my new paranormal romance Selkie’s Revenge, book 2 of my Orkney Selkies series.

Have you heard of selkies? The mythology surrounding these creatures is astounding. Selkie stories abound in Scotland and Ireland, in particular around many of the islands in these countries. They are shape shifters and have the ability to shift into the form of a seal when wearing their seal pelts. When they remove the pelt, they can walk as men and women on dry land.

Selkies are known as sexual genies. They are renowned for their talent in the lovemaking department. In fact, the legends say a woman who is unsatisfied with her love life need only cry 7 tears into the sea to call a lusty selkie man. He will love her as no mortal man can. If she hides his seal pelt, he will be forced to stay with her. But if he finds it again, he will abandon her for the sea.

Selkies are considered to be quite attractive and are often described as having dark, enigmatic looks. They usually possess black, limpid eyes and long, dark hair. Of course, they are fair of form with perfect bodies. They are creatures who are capable of ensnaring with their looks and their charm.

My hero Machar Kirk fits most of this bill: he is very dark and dashing, muscled and mysterious. I have also given him a few extra traits: he is a hunter of evil finmen, shape shifting beasts who haunt the Orkney shores. Mack, too, has a long history of loving women, but his relationships have been fairly intense for a selkie. His younger brother Calan of The Selkie was more of a love ‘em and leave ‘em type guy. At least, until he found his mate.

Even though selkies are rather promiscuous, Machar’s heart is taken by a young widow who he spies on the beach one day. Unfortunately, she’s also been seen by his nemesis, the finman who killed his first love centuries ago. And now Mack has to decide: does he forsake his selkie nature and risk falling in love again, or does he simply swim away and abandon her to her fate?

I hope you’ll check out Selkie’s Revenge and see what he does!


On the beaches of Orkney, Scotland, an evil entity stalks mortal women. Machar “Mack” Kirk is a selkie man with a haunted past, one that has prompted him to become a hunter. He prowls the beaches at night, his arrows aiming for the finman who took his first love. 
Beth Pedersen also watches the sea. The haunted widow has suffered losses of her own, ones that have crippled her into a state of stony grief. Beth can no longer feel, can no longer see color and life. Until the day Mack Kirk saves her from a mysterious foe, flooding her world with brightness and foreign temptation.
As Mack and Beth fight their inundating passion, the finman escalates his attacks. Before long, Mack realizes he’s not just playing Good Samaritan. He wants Beth, too, and will do anything to ensure his lover isn’t taken by the finman. But can he protect his mate from a monster with no soul?


As a torrent of emotion coiled up through her core, Beth kissed him. She barely understood his words, barely comprehended her own thoughts, but she knew she needed Mack’s mouth upon hers. She smashed her lips against his, and his tongue penetrated the warmth of her mouth, finding its home there. He slid his hands down her back to her bottom, and he groaned, digging into the soft flesh of her behind.
Desire and common sense raged a war inside her head. Common sense told her to pack a bag, purchase a ticket to New Smyrna, and leave Mack Kirk far behind. Desire told her to submit, and it was winning out by a mile. “I don’t know what to do. I need you to tell me what to do.”
He leaned in, smelling so sweet, like an exotic fruit she just needed to peel and gobble up. “Just let go, Beth. Just feel.”
She dared to look him in the eye. “I’m afraid to feel.”
“I know. For years I was too.” He brushed his lips against hers, and his tongue slipped out to caress between them, making her ache with such yearning. “But I’ll help you.”
Jamie and Edan arrived with beers. Edan gave Jamie a look as if knowing they’d interrupted something. “I’m heading back to the bar to try my luck with the luscious bartender.”
Jamie grimaced. “The old one with the beard?”
“Not him, you eejit,” Edan said with a grunt. “The female bartender. The one with the big…” He paused, looking at Beth. “Uh, bottle of vodka. Right, that one.” He dashed off.
Jamie winked at Beth. “I’ll get to her first.” With a smile, he was after his brother.
She leaned against Mack’s wall of a chest, wanting to lose herself in him. “Show me how to feel again.”
“With pleasure,” he growled into her ear. He nibbled her earlobe and then proceeded to slide back out of the booth.
“Where are you going?” she asked, already needy for his touch again.
“Just to the jukebox,” he replied, grinning. “You are going to dance with me. And feel.”
She watched, glued to her seat as Mack inserted a couple of coins into the jukebox and selected a song. He turned to her, his lips curled in a grin. As the first rolling guitar chords of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” washed over her, making her want to move, Mack beckoned to her with a finger.
Beth’s body moved toward him, responding like a homing pigeon diving toward its destination. He pulled her into his arms and they swayed. Beth had never danced so closely with a man to anything but a romantic ballad, but Mack wouldn’t break contact with her. He moved his hard body against hers, his hands on her hips, and his erection was a thick temptation grinding against her stomach. She had to fight the need to drop to her knees, rip down his jeans, and take his cock deep in her throat. The urge, and the depth of emotion accompanying it, made her light-headed. He turned her away from the bar area toward the nearest wall and slid his hands over the curve of her bottom. His fingers dug into her ass, and Beth had to remind herself they were in public. She wanted him to nail her right to the wall. Through the damn wall. She needed him inside her at all costs.
He felt so good.
My mate. Could it be?
He lowered his head so he could whisper against her ear. “Do you feel me, Beth? Do you feel my desire throbbing against you? My need to be joined to you again?”
The song reached its crescendo, and his hips rolled against hers in a heady foreshadowing of what he would do to her the next time they were alone. Beth closed her eyes. The way he moved was sinful. She imagined devils from the most depraved circles of hell might dance in such a fashion. All of a sudden, even her soft leggings felt tight and restrictive. She wanted them off. She wanted no barrier between their bodies. As if sensing her need, Mack reached a discreet hand toward her breast and located her distended nipple through her tunic. He tugged and she had to bite her lip not to cry out.
“Take me home, Mack,” she begged in an unfamiliar, wanton voice. “I want to feel more.”

Selkie’s Revenge is available at
and all ebooksellers!

Author Bio:

Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books. Her books include For the Love of a God, Up In Flames, Sweet Hell, The Selkie, Sunburn and Predator’s Kiss. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.