Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jennah Scott

I would like to welcome fellow LSB author Jennah Scott who is posting an interview between Angel and Ryker for her new book Scrap Metal!

Angel: Hey everyone! My man Ryke here has some questions for me to answer, just to help you all get to know me a bit better. So, *hands paper to Ryker,* here are the questions Jennah and Alexi prepared for you to ask me. Go!

Ryker: All right, sweetheart. Describe yourself in three words.

Angel: *Nods* Fierce, extreme, self-conscious.

Ryker: Ummm…you forgot stubborn, thickheaded, and gorgeous. What is your favorite color?

Angel: Wait - I think you should answer these too. I mean, I’m sure the real reason people are here is to meet the super sexy body shop guy, anyway.

Ryker: I guess I could. Uh, three words to describe me? Determined, loyal, honest.

Angel: Since you felt the need to give three words for me, I’m definitely repaying the favor. Sexy as sin, a pain in my a$$, and pushy. Oh and that was way too easy for you.

Ryker: What can I say? I’ve been through a lot, really had to focus on me, ya know?

Angel: Uh-huh. So my favorite color is purple. How can you not know that?

Ryker: Hey, I’m just reading the paper! Didn’t you look it over while you had it?

Angel: You know that would mean planning. And I don’t plan. Plus, I was working on a new piece before I got here and you know how that goes. You’re lucky I’m even here!

Ryker: Can we get back to the questions at hand?

Angel: Sure.

Ryker: All right, good. What is your favorite movie?

Angel: Hmm…Star Trek.

Ryker: Of course. Because you think Chris Pine is dreamy?

Angel: Uh, I meant Wrath of Kahn - you know, The Shat? KHAAAAAAAAN! All that rage? Sexy.

Ryker: Of course you went back in time to pick a favorite.

Angel: All right, hot stuff, what’s yours?

Ryker: Really? Because, I have this tattoo on my ribs that I know you’ve run those pretty little fingers along once or twice.

Angel: That gun?

Ryker: “That gun,” she says. It’s a Colt .45! Billy The Kid? Young Guns.

Angel: Oh yeah! I knew there was something to that tattoo. Can I see it again?

Ryker: Yeah, sweetheart, but I thought you said we were here on behalf of Alexi and Jennah?

Angel: Uh huh.

Ryker: So you wanna quit pulling my shirt up? I promise, you can take it off as soon as we’re done.

Angel: Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go! What’s the next piece of insight into my devious little mind that you’re hoping to pick out?

Ryker: Boxers or briefs? Ok, clearly, they wanted you to read these questions.

Angel: Why? Because I can’t wear boxers or briefs? I wore yours that one night, remember? Right after…damn. Behavior, huh?

Ryker: Yea…that was a good time though...

Angel: Ask me one more so we can say we gave it a good effort?

Ryker: Perfect, honest effort, and a hell of a reward. We should do more of these. Ok sweetheart, last question. Just why have you stayed in Kimmswick so long, Miss Free-Spirit herself?

Angel: At first? There was nowhere else. Then there was Ray. Oh come on, you really want to ruin the whole thing for them?

Ryker: Nah, just wanted to see how far you’d go on the first date. *winks*

Angel: *punches Ryke in arm* Anyway. It’s been nice dropping by, but I’ve really gotta get back to the studio and finish this project. But if you’re ever in Kimmswick, stop by and see us sometime! Just uh, call first, ok?

Blurb: Not one to settle down, Angelica Rousseau never thought she’d consider planting roots in the small town of Kimmswick, Missouri. When her art speaks to her—and gives her a reason to get up close and personal with body shop owner, Ryker Talcott—sticking around starts to have appeal.
Ryker has to deal with a lot of personalities and has found that custom orders for women almost never end well. Especially when the women are as picky and confident as Angelica. This time it’s different. He's never met a woman like her. She rivals his confidence and has the attitude to back it up.
When the past threatens their future, Angelica and Ryker have to decide what's more importanttheir own promises to themselves, or the love they both feel for each other.

Author Bios:
Jennah Scott resides in Missouri. Until she started writing, she didn’t know what she wanted to be. So she ended up with degrees in education, business, and the medical field. When not writing you can find her with her family or lost in a book.

Alexi Raymond lives in Indiana with her husband and kittens. She can be found tumbling at gymnastics class, beating up the boys in a wrestling ring, and filming sports for her local TV station when she’s not on the couch talking to the people in her head!


  1. Fun interview, Jennah! I can tell these two always have sparks flying! Can't wait to read it!

    1. Thanks! We had fun with both of them.

  2. Great interview. Looks like a fun read.

  3. Thanks, Layne, for letting Angel and Ryke invade your blog for the day. We appreciate it!