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Merritt Kelly talking about Culinary Seduction.

Please welcome Merritt Kelly and find out a little about her new release Culinary Seduction.

Merritt Kelly has been in love with the written word as long as she can remember. She's a freelance writer, author, and columnist whose articles have appeared in the Colfax Gazette, Palouse Journal, and the Moscow/Daily News. Her work on the web can be seen on Paperdriods, DigiYoo, LexiYoga and HaveHeart Magazine websites under her real name Carol Traulsen. She has written on a variety of topics including the war in Kosovo, the death penalty, grief, coping with a cozy kitchen and cooking.
Merritt Kelly is a pen name she chose to honor her late mother who always believed in her writing ability. When she's not writing she's cooking, walking or reading. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, her son and her cat.

She loves to laugh, all the music in the Guardians Of The Galaxy, trying new foods, a good glass of wine and almost anything chocolate. Her first novel, Culinary Seduction, a foodie/Chick lit romance is set for release inFebruary of 2015.

  Food is the new sex and cheftestants Andrea Claire and Danny Miller are battling it out to see who becomes the new high priest or priestess. The two face off in a contest for hosting duties of new show called Culinary Seduction.
     Chef Andrea Claire is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wants is to build her own culinary empire. Hosting the show would give her the injection of cash she needs to finally get a store front for her catering business and give her the credibility she seeks. Her food  is infused with her warmth and passion.
     Bad boy chef Danny Miller's bold flavors and state-of-the-art techniques in molecular gastronomy set him apart from the pack. Hosting the show would raise the profile of his restaurant and he could pay what he owes the bank and his grandmother.


When they reached the studio the car stopped and the chauffeur let them out. She thanked him. Pompadour had forgotten his manners and didn’t say a word. They followed the signs through the maze to the kitchens of the Cuisine Channel. A retinue of studio personnel, producers, and P.A.’s were clumped together chattering in what sounded like a foreign language. The other two chefs stood huddled in the corner. It wasn’t hard to determine who was who. The executives and various worker bees didn’t look terrified. Andrea took it upon herself to break the ice.
She walked over to the pair and stuck out her hand. “Hi, I’m Andrea. This is Danny. How long have you two been here?”
“We’ve been here an hour. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything,” the plump, fifty-ish blond-haired woman informed her. “They gave us a tour of the kitchen and the lot. I’m sure you’ll get yours next. I’m Sharon, this is Ted.” 
Andrea did a quick inventory of her competition. Sharon looked like someone’s grandmother! Nevertheless, she must have something, otherwise why would she be here? Ted, on the other hand, oozed surfer-boy sex appeal. He was tall and tanned with a brilliant white smile and blond hair. If he cooked half as good as he looked, then Pompadour had some serious competition and so did she.
The other two didn’t pose a threat and as far as he was concerned, nobody did. Before he had chance to reply to the older woman’s remark, a gigantic bear of man stepped forward from the group of execs and bellowed.
“Good morning cheftestants, we trust you all had a good flight. You are all here because we saw something that we think will work for our new cooking show, Culinary Seduction. I am your director, Martin Finch. Just call me Finch, everyone else does. To my right is Eileen March, Vice-President of Public Relations, and Ed Werner, General Manager. These are the other two people that you want to make happy besides me. Danny and Andrea, we’ll give you a tour of the kitchen and the lot later. Right now, it’s time for your first challenge. In thirty seconds or less, give us the sexiest description you can of your favorite dish. Ted, why don’t you start?”
Surfer dude smiled and began babbling something about purity and eating clean. Somehow, he found ahi on a bed of sprouts exciting, because it didn’t weigh you down for what was coming afterward. 
Brilliant, Danny thought. This kid is in over his head. Sharon was next.
“I think texture is as important as taste. There’s nothing better than a great steak and onion rings. Beef is still exiting and enticing in my book. A nice piece of filet mignon is satisfying and I love the crunch of a good onion ring. If it’s a dinner for two, you don’t have to worry about bad breath since you’re both eating it. A sweet and decadent, velvety-smooth cheesecake is the perfect dessert. You want to feel spoiled and sinful, not like you’re being deprived,” she concluded. 
Good point, but too old school. Let’s see what legs has to say, Danny mused.

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